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Managing Daemons in Heterogeneous Linux Environment From Puppet

We have a lot of box mixed with heterogeneous linux environment. So managing a daemons is a bit struggling. So worte my own manifest to over come this. I don’t know what other options there are, But this seems to kind of work for me. This can be scale upto N number of linux flavours, currently I have the manifest including only CentOS, OpenSuSE, Ubuntu.

Let me know if you have any trouble with it or any improvement is always welcome.

Collectd DRBD Plugin

I have ran into a scenario where my manager wanted to monitor drbd resource. So we are using graphite over here and pushing data from collectd to graphite. I did a quick search on, but didn’t find any collectd drbd plugin. Actually I found one which is in python, This is the link

Only problem which I remember, when I was testing this, it looks for only one resource. Since I haven’t learned python. I thought of writing my own. I wrote a bash script and got the job done.

Setup Octopress With GitHub

This post will guide you how to setup the Octopress blog and host it with Github. Why did I choosed Octopress for my blogging, I guess it was simple and better integration with github, and I didn’t wanted to spend any extra bucks for this. I’m currently setting this up in Elementary OS backed by ubuntu 12.04.

Check whether your ruby version is 1.9.3 or more then this

apt-get install ruby1.9.1-full

Clone the Octopress to your working directory.

git clone git:// octopress

About Me


This is Ashish Jaiswal, the owner of this blog. I’m a Linux System Administrator. Just loving this whole “Octopress + Github”. This is my first blog, I hope I can give something back to community.

Just a basic intro about myself.

I have been working as a Linux Administrator from few past years. I’m currently focussing on configuration management and cloud computing, currently working at CMIE Pvt LTD. you can contact me